Reflection: Intervention and Extension Britain and Her Colony - A Complicated Relationship! - Section 1: Cue Set


I created a graphic organizer on-the-spot to help support more struggling learners. It was actually super helpful for some of my higher scholars as well.  We created a simple T-chart with the word colonists on one side and the words natural resources in the new world on the other.  Then, scholars recorded evidence from the video about each.  Finally, they asked themselves, "How are these two ideas related?"  This very structured type of thinking helped support the learners to really practice the skill. 

  Intervention and Extension: Added a graphic organizer
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Britain and Her Colony - A Complicated Relationship!

Unit 11: Voices of the Revolution - Part I
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT describe the relationship between important ideas and symbols leading up to and during the American Revolution

Big Idea: Let's unpack this complex relationship!

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