Reflection: Checks for Understanding Remembering the Sights and Sounds of 9/11 through Poetry (Day 2): Revising Collaborative Poems - Section 4: Application: Gallery Walk


Overall, the gallery walk activity went well. I reviewed the evidence they collected on their notepads, and the data shows that my students are able to find evidence to support the tone of text. I think this means that my students are ready for a more formal assessment. At this point, I know that they can explain the tone of a text that we discuss, but I need to know if they can do so on a formal assessment that includes an on-grade level cold reading. My next step is to develop an assessment to see if they truly got it. The assessment will include multiple choice items and a selected response items to assess mastery since they could be required to demonstrate mastery in both ways on future assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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  Checks for Understanding: Ready for formal assessment
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Remembering the Sights and Sounds of 9/11 through Poetry (Day 2): Revising Collaborative Poems

Unit 1: The Search for Identity: Introductory Unit
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use precise words and phrases, and sensory language to draft, edit and revise a commemorative poem about 9/11

Big Idea: Students polish up drafts of their collaborative 9/11 poems and do a gallery walk

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sepultura of smoke poem for 9 11
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