Reflection: Essay Writing Dystopian Novel Timed Write - Section 3: Wrap Up and Next Steps


So, only about 20 students actually took me up on the offer to re-write their pieces. I'm not sure why so few students felt like it was necessary to spend more time with their writing. I have yet to grade these, so I will know more about if their decision was wise or not once I do. 

In the meantime, in regards to instructional thinking, I realized after giving them the opportunity to write their papers this way, that I haven't done enough direct instruction on self-evaluation/revision. I guess I assume too much that students are capable of recognizing when they need to add more to make their argument stronger and/or even that they can identify their errors in usage. I am curious to see what revisions those who did re-write made. I think this will be a nice point of information to use when designing future lessons. 

  Taking Me Up on My Offer
  Essay Writing: Taking Me Up on My Offer
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Dystopian Novel Timed Write

Unit 15: Argument: Analyzing and Creating Social Commentary
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT draw evidence from literary text to support claims by writing a well-organized in class essay on a dystopian novel.

Big Idea: Now is their chance to show me what they know and weave a well-written response to their choice novel's message and strategy.

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