Reflection: Coherence Pre-Test Fractions 1. & Eggsciting Spiral Review - Section 3: Eggsciting Math Spiral Review


As we progress through the school year, I think it is essential to review standards mastered from time to time to keep them remembering what they have learned. This egg exercise satisfies practice of several standards from Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Metric Measurement. It is a great thing because the eggs can sit in the basket and can be accessed any time. The goal is that each student gets all twenty- one eggs done ( or as many as are in your class). The surprise came when a student said, "I am amazed at what I have learned this year!" She was reflecting on the fact that she could remember strategies and ways to solve the problem. She was a problem solver and hadn't realized it yet!

  The importance of spiraling
  Coherence: The importance of spiraling
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Pre-Test Fractions 1. & Eggsciting Spiral Review

Unit 6: Fractions 1: Understanding Equivalence in Fractions and Decimals
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Objective: SWBAT show what they know about comparing and explaining equivalence using visual models of fractions and decimals.

Big Idea: Students take their Fractions Pre-Test to show what they know about equivalent fractions and decimals. They also need to show what they know about comparing fractions, all using visual models and explanations.

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