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I am very happy with the idea of this lesson, but will take time this summer to find a more informative text example.  This text has all the components I want, but I've seen more engaging...yes, graphic...informational text and this is the picture I want to create for the kids.  I also changed the video clip my kids saw to one that is shorter and a bit more interesting.

The idea of John Brown seen as a hero or villain is understood with this lesson, but I want them to feel both sides more completely.  As I read their papers it showed that they had an understanding, but I didn't feel the passion I had hoped to convey.

  Considering the Text
  Adjustments to Practice: Considering the Text
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John Brown: Hero or Villain?

Unit 17: Civil War in the ELA
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT read informational text on John Brown, the abolitionist, and judge for themselves whether he's a hero or villain.

Big Idea: Most go 'round when it comes to John Brown...hero or villain? The answer's not sound.

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