Reflection: Student Ownership March 22nd World Water Day - Section 3: Closure and Extension


Such a wonderful project!  I was thrilled the kids took to it so well and wrote wonderful essays about why they were anxious to participate.  Relating the struggles of the lack of clean water in the video to the fact that we actually waste water all the time really hit home with the class.  Once I showed them the amount of water we have to survive, it clinched the deal.

Although I didn't take on the project exactly how the sponsors would have wanted, I did what worked in my schedule and with my class.  We will be contributing approximately $200.00 and this will go toward the cost of a clean drinking water well in Africa.  The Water Project will keep us informed about the whereabouts of the well we have donated money toward.

*Update- our total contribution was $218.29.

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March 22nd World Water Day

Unit 9: Significant School Days
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Objective: TSWBAT write an opinion piece to support their point of view on participation with, "The Water Project," following a lesson about World Water Day.

Big Idea: Water, Water, is NOT Everywhere...

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