Reflection: Debate Theme Essay Revision Tips - Section 3: Whole Group Sharing: Book or Movie?


Overwhelmingly, the book.  My students genuinely developed a level of care for George and Lennie throughout the book, and while none complained that the film was a failure, they were not shy about acknowledging the development of detail in the book that they considered lacking in the film.

What I found most rewarding about their critique is how they felt the filmmakers missed out on fully developing the setting found in chapter one and again in chapter six.  Because my students had spent considerable time studying the opening scene in this lesson, and then connecting it again to the closing scene, they missed this in the film.  They were likewise disappointed by the speed in which the final scene of the film transpires, as opposed to the careful and steady pacing executed in the book.

Of course, what English teacher doesn't want to hear from her students that the book is better?  I'll call this one a win.

  Book or Movie?
  Debate: Book or Movie?
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Theme Essay Revision Tips

Unit 8: Of Mice and Men Part II
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT to review and incorporate tips for revising their theme essay rough drafts into final drafts.

Big Idea: And one (two, three . . . ) more thing(s) to consider . . .

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