Reflection: Checks for Understanding Math Mania: Unit Review (Day 2) - Section 2: Review Activity 2


The students really enjoyed the review activities.  It gave them a chance to practice skills while interacting with their friends, but more importantly, it gave me a snapshot of what my students know about numbers.  I was absolutely amazed by how well the students worked with the numbers.  It is hard to believe that some of these students came into my class not even knowing the difference between a number and a letter and now they have this incredible understanding of numbers and place value.

There are a few students that I do have concerns about and it is great that these activities helped me to figure out who these students are.  I wrote down names of these students and I will pull these students individually for some one-on-one assessment in addition to the full group assessment to fully understand what skills they might be lacking.  I want to plan remediation so these students can move toward mastery of the standards before first grade. 

  Math Mania-Unit Review Day 2
  Checks for Understanding: Math Mania-Unit Review Day 2
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Math Mania: Unit Review (Day 2)

Unit 6: Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond
Lesson 20 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of numbers 0-20 and beyond.

Big Idea: It's time to find out how much the students have learned about numbers with this fun review lesson!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, SIOP, ELL, Critical Area, counting
  30 minutes
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