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When I first wrote this lesson, the Candy Factory part was intended to be just an opening warm up. They were so engaged in the ap that I realized that  I needed to take this ap and build their conceptual understanding of what the whole meant. As the lesson progressed, they revealed they didn't understand that halves can be two different sizes when talking about something similar like two candy bars. I am certain that if I compared a half an elephant with a half a mouse, it would be obvious. In CCSS real life situations are important to utilize in our teaching. In their world, they will compare halves of candy bars and so it is relevant to their lives. However, I was so amazed at the answers I got. I was concerned my drawing was throwing them off because I wasn't making the two bars immensely different. They focused on the fractions, knowing that fourths are bigger pieces than twelfths to the same size whole, not realizing that the two wholes were different.

Eventually they work around it. I worked hard with questioning, probing and pushing them to see. Their video explanations were clear that they had mastered this portion of the standard. This concept is so vitally important to understand before we talk about equivalent fractions because the idea that we are comparing fractions to the same size whole will now be meaningful.

  Getting them to understand was rough!
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Getting them to understand was rough!
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Understanding The Whole Through the iPad

Unit 6: Fractions 1: Understanding Equivalence in Fractions and Decimals
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT understand that a fraction can be two different sizes when we compare it to two different sized wholes.

Big Idea: The iPad ap "Candy Factory" is a good way to introduce fractional understanding and parts of the whole.

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