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Every kids deserves a chance to succeed so making sure that safety nets are provided for every student is a must! To provide those safety nets, first teach your lessons explicitly and clearly. Observe students' behaviors and performance during each lesson. Roam the room and intercept any issues that you see forming in their mathematical reasoning. Provide small group opportunities and strategic partnering for activities. Encourage student to share what they know and to support each other during activities. And, most importantly, have the kids explain their thinking to you, the class and whomever else is available to listen. If a child can explain it, then you can be sure they truly understand it. If not, be wary and don't drop the ball. Keep working with that child until he or she can explain their thinking. This includes the use of some academic language that goes with the skill being learned.

  Provide safety nets!
  Safety: Provide safety nets!
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Roll a Spot 11-16, Day One

Unit 4: Learning Numbers 11-19
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create, say and record quantities and numbers of 11 to 16 by rolling a dice and filling in 10-frame dogs dots.

Big Idea: You're a dog trainer today!! It's time to train Spot how to roll, create and name the quantities of 11 to 16 in some dog gone good 10-frame template! Time to get the dog biscuits ready!

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