Reflection: Checks for Understanding Thesis Statement Creation: Synthesizing Information and Creating an Argument - Section 3: Thesis Drafting Work Time


Students REALLY struggled with their thesis statements today. They struggled to come up with an idea to focus on and with the format of their claim. This is pretty typical for my students. They have too many ideas and have a hard time focusing in on one thing to argue. However, I was surprised, after all of the pre-writing that we've done, that they were so lost as to where to go. 

I tried to help by asking students what they thought the most important idea of their novels were and then asking them how the author conveyed that idea. 

This formula helped some, but others were still quite lost. I collected their thesis statements as an exit slip to check for understanding from all my students and will give them some written feedback tonight. In the meantime, I think I might need to rethink my timed write plan for tomorrow. I think I may have them draft their papers in class then allow them to revise if they feel like they need more time, but I need to think this through tonight...=)

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Thesis Statement Creation: Synthesizing Information and Creating an Argument

Unit 15: Argument: Analyzing and Creating Social Commentary
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write arguments to support claims by drafting and refining thesis statements.

Big Idea: Yesterday we gathered evidence. Today we need to synthesize it into a guiding statement for our choice novel essays.

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