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By creating a "computer day" every once in a while, I am able to build in time in which I can meet and talk with EVERY student.  This is so important and a lesson I look forward to.  Often you may see or hear of teachers assigning students computer time while they sit at their desks to grade papers and input grades as a chance to get caught up.  In my classroom this is so opposite of what happens. When students are using the computers, I am moving quickly around the room in order to touch base and talk with each student.  I talk to them about the math they are working on in the game they're playing, but I also ask each student if there is an area or concept they want more practice in.  This allows me to help students select skills to give them individualized practice as well as confidence.  In this lesson some students reported that they wanted more practice with long division.  Once they let me know this, it is really easy for me adjust their skills on the computer to include long division. It also helps when I determine and create re-teaching groups or intervention groups. If 4 students all report that they want some more practice with long division, then I make sure to incorporate that into my small group time in the immediate future.  I carry a clipboard with a class list around the room as I talk with each student.  This way I am able to jot notes in order to make intervention or extension groups. 

  Intrinsic Motivation: Time for Each Student Today!
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Fabulous Fraction Review with Computers

Unit 5: Operations with Fractions
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT review and use fraction concepts via a computer game.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students log into a free computer program in which they practice fourth grade fraction concepts and skills.

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