Reflection: Trust and Respect GAME DAY: Summative for Animal Encounters - Section 3: Game Time!


Since this is one of our quarterly assessments, I give scholars a bit more substantial brain food.  Usually we have graham crackers or something like that.  Today, I give them goldfish and M&M's.  I recognize that they are working hard and that they need to continue to fuel themselves as they are taking the test.  I've found that giving brain food helps scholars to feel safe and it develops trust between us.  They understand that I care about them and that I'm considering their basic needs.  Also, they know that I recognize that they are working hard and that they deserve some fuel.  

  Brain food
  Trust and Respect: Brain food
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GAME DAY: Summative for Animal Encounters

Unit 10: Animal Encounters - Part III
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT synthesize all they learned in the unit, Animal Encounters to win big on game day!

Big Idea: We've worked hard, let's go attain our goals!

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