Reflection: Student Grouping Taxation: Fair or Not? - Section 3: Guided Practice


Before having the discussion in small groups, have scholars get into either the Colonist I, Colonist II, Parliament member or British Citizen category, depending on which identity the assume.  Then, have them rehearse their identities and practice answering the question: Do you think taxing the American colonists is fair or unfair?  Why/Why not?  This way scholars will have the opportunity to really get into their character and assume the role before they go into discussion with others of a different identity.   

I made this adjustment with my second class and the discussions were much deeper and student-driven. 

  Get in identity groups first
  Student Grouping: Get in Identity Groups First
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Taxation: Fair or Not?

Unit 11: Voices of the Revolution - Part I
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Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively in a group to discuss the topic of taxes and what the benefits/potential drawbacks are to taxation.

Big Idea: Some colonists were angered by taxes imposed by the British, but what's the big deal?

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