Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Drafting A New Argument - Section 3: Students Draft An Intro and A Body Paragraph


Their written responses to this prompt were mixed. One highlight is that I have several students who are finally making arguments and their writing sounds fluid. This is one of the best responses to this quote. Those who were not so successful appear to have gotten stuck in their own dependence on cell phones. One point many were not able to address is that emergencies in certain public places are rare. For these students, their argument in opposition to the author relied on their belief that cell phones are needed for emergencies but they failed to address the fact that these are rare in the wilderness, for example. Another point some missed is the fact that the author proposed a ban in certain public places, specifically those places where loud phone conversations are disruptive, such as during a hike. These students thought the author was trying to ban cell phones from all public places. In retrospect, I should have selected a quote with a different topic for this assignment. This is a topic that is difficult for students addicted to cell phones to approach objectively. It may be a better idea to give them a prompt like this one later in their writing development and with the goal of pushing them to challenge their own preconceived notions of this topic. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: The Challenges With the Topic of This Prompt
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Drafting A New Argument

Unit 14: A Short Writing Unit
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT sharpen their argumentative writing skills by evaluating previous writing, comparing their writing to model papers, and tackling a new prompt.

Big Idea: Multiple cycles of tackling a prompt, formulating an argument and developing this argument are necessary if their writing skills are to grow.

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