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I noticed today during reading time that many students do not have a book. Some kids were reading their history text book. Others were reading books I know they read earlier in the year. 

I made an announcement at the end of our reading time reminding them that they needed to have a choice novel in hand every day. But then I thought about it and realized that we are going to be starting our next class piece (Night) in just a few days. I said as much, but pointed out that this shouldn't deter them from looking for a new book as Night will take them very little time to read. 

This is one of the few routines that I have managed to maintain all year long and I think it has been a really valuable use of time and energy. While I am disheartened by the malaise I saw today, I think students will rally. We are a week out from spring break and we just finished a high point of our year with the dystopian novels. I hope that students won't just rely on me to give them reading material for the rest of the year, but even if they do, at least they will be reading, which, for me, is a success. 

  Battling Malaise
  Routines and Procedures: Battling Malaise
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Preparing to Craft Our Social Commentaries

Unit 15: Argument: Analyzing and Creating Social Commentary
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT apply knowledge of language to make effective choices for purpose and style by planning the structure and message of a social commentary.

Big Idea: How does genre influence message? Today students will consider this question as they plan their social commentary drafts/process.

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