Reflection: Student Ownership Putting Finishing Touches on Book Trailers (Day 4 of 4) - Section 2: Creating Book Trailers Independently


It may seem like a student-led project like this one would be easy on the teacher, like a break. I can tell you that it is precisely the opposite. Every student needs something different-- at the same time. The teacher becomes the pin ball, bouncing among students trying to give time to each, to address their concerns, individually, yet simultaneously. It's exhausting!


Today was really the first time that I had a break, a time to sit and watch students as they finished their work. It was a great moment because I had time to think about this project and to see its value. The very fact that I had this time proves that they have learned the technology, they understand the goals, and felt confident enough to finish the project independently. There were moments in the last week where I wondered if this project was worth it-- the same moments when kids were waiting for my help-- but I think that's just part of the process. It's teacher-centered at the beginning, but student-centered at the end. At least, it should work that way if they've learned something.


  Finishing the Trailers
  Student Ownership: Finishing the Trailers
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Putting Finishing Touches on Book Trailers (Day 4 of 4)

Unit 19: Creating Book Trailers in iMovie for Choice Reads
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT produce a clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience by creating a book trailer with iMovie for their independent reads.

Big Idea: A book of choice + a student's imagination = an awesome trailer

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