Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Error Analysis - Sum and Difference Identities - Section 3: Application


This work proved to be challenging for my students. Many swore there was no mistake in Question 2. There is one, a sign error. Several students took a lot of time correcting that problem. As a result, many of my students did not find the correct answer to every problem. Most students were able to at least identify where the error occurred in each problem. For the moment, this was enough for me!

A Teachable Moment: I want to remember that for Questions #4-6 students will need to use the information provided above for BOTH sine and cosine for all three problems. I had many students stop me today and tell me that everything about #4 was wrong because there wasn’t enough information. Now, I think this is a great learning experience all in itself. I am glad they realize we can’t continue on problem 4 until we have some information about angle y. So I would recommend you let them have that same moment of confusion (I really didn’t do it on purpose!) before you point out to them the information we were given for angle y. 

  Students assessing students' work
  Student Self-Assessment: Students assessing students' work
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Error Analysis - Sum and Difference Identities

Unit 9: Trigonometric Equations
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Objective: SWBAT to apply the sum and difference identities to find exact values of trigonometric ratios of angles that are not derived from special triangles.

Big Idea: Students become teachers as they grade each other's work and find errors in applying the sum and difference identities.

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