Reflection: Membership Grid -Getting to Know My Community - Section 2: Lesson / Group Work


I discovered this lesson in the professional book Inquiry Circles in Action by Harvey Daniels and Stephanie Harvey. The lesson is demonstrated in the video series that can be purchased with the book.

I chose an easy concept and simple questions for this task to allow students to focus on their discussion skills instead of worrying about whether or not they know the answers.  Additionally, the decision to supply six questions and require the group to choose five allows me to see how they work together to make decisions.

The great thing about this lesson is that it can be adapted to fit many purposes.

  Discussion Reflection
  Discussion Reflection
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Membership Grid -Getting to Know My Community

Unit 1: Routines and Rituals
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify each person in their group and answer a group of questions about each person.

Big Idea: Having the home court advantage.

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