Reflection: Modeling The Rooster Who Went to His Uncles Wedding - Section 4: Wrap Up


The oral retells and the writing went really well.  I believe that the product outcome went well because I followed CCSS expectations and provided multiple opportunities for my students to see and hear the story and pictures before it was their turn to do a retell.  Each time my students hear something, they remember a little bit more.  Repetition, both in the modeling and in the student involvement helps with comprehension.  My students had fun with this story.

  Multiple exposures
  Modeling: Multiple exposures
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The Rooster Who Went to His Uncles Wedding

Unit 3: Animal Adventures
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT sequence story events for an oral presentation in front of the class.

Big Idea: Through class discussion we will sequence the story with sentences and drawings then orally retell the story to the class.

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