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This article does mention that colonists sent to Mars would need to reproduce to expand the colony.  We skimmed this part and did not go into detail or make a big deal out of it.  We have talked about reproduction of mammals in our science unit and the students seemed to either not understand that section of the text, chose to ignore it, or understood because of the science unit on mammals.  I was sure not going to bring it up for discussion, but the students didn't either.  (Which I was grateful for.)  

  Lesson Planning: Caution!
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Mars One Close Read - Key Ideas and Details

Unit 4: Mars One Project
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Objective: SWBAT discover the key ideas and details from the article "Reality Series From Lionsgate TV & Roy Bank To Chronicle Mission To Colonize Mars" by Nellie Andreeva.

Big Idea: We are starting a close read unit on the Mars One idea. The Mars One project proposes we send 4 people on a one way trip to Mars to colonize Mars.

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English / Language Arts, space exploration, main idea, Reading, Space Travel, nonfiction (analysis), close read, Mars One, Key Ideas and Details, space
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