Reflection: And the author is...Using Digital Tools For Writing - Section 3: Teachers' Turn


I was going to originally have the students create a story-comic, but when I demonstrated the story maker program and story-comic to my students, they were so enthralled with the storymaker, I switched gears.  The website is REALLY easy to use and I liked the color and silly characters.   Best of all.... there was no login required.  When the kids are done with their creations, I had them make a screenshot of their best scene and print those. Be sure to print enough for all of the kids in the group! You may want to see about having them save the stories to print or look at home.  They LOVED this program.

  Create a story vs create a comic
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And the author is...Using Digital Tools For Writing

Unit 1: Start 2nd grade off with Writing!
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create a narrative, revise and edit their work, and use a digital tool to publish and share with peers.

Big Idea: Empower students to recognize that they are thinkers and writers! They will collaborate on a writing piece to brainstorm, organize and publish ideas with a digital tool.

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English / Language Arts, story planning, Writing, Special Education, Reading, story structure, 2nd Grade, ipad, narrative, beginning/middle/end, digital storytelling, digital tools, collaboration, Writing Proces
  55 minutes
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