What's At the Root? Day 5

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SWBAT estimate the values of square roots.

Big Idea

In Part 2 of the Squareville Sign Company Task, students must estimate values of the square roots of given squares. They must then justify their answers.

Warm Up

8 minutes

For today's Warm Up Assignment, I have given students two problems that test their understanding thus far in the unit. The first question asks if a sign with an area of 196 could be made by the Squareville Sign Company, given they had a larger press. The second question asks students to order five numbers in order from least to greatest. I challenge students to complete this problem without using a calculator to see how well they do.

When the timer sounds after 5 minutes, I call on individuals by selecting their names from a cup. I ask for students to show agreement or disagreement with the given answer. If the class is in agreement, we move on. If there is disagreement, I guide students through consensus building by posing all answers and having students justify their work in order to convince their classmates.

We then work to order the given numbers on question 2. I ask for someone to identify the smallest number. We then work to find the number to the right of it on the number line. Each time, I ask students to justify their thinking.


Learning Objective

1 minutes

I then show students today's Learning Objective, which is to estimate the value of square roots. Today's task will strengthen's student's understanding of this objective as they work to apply strategies that simplify square roots.

Work Time

25 minutes

For Work Time, students will complete Squareville Sign Company Task, Part 2. Today's part requires students to estimate and explain their work throughout the task. They will have an opportunity to visually represent their findings as well as verbally. Finally, they will use those estimating skills to order numbers on a number line from least to greatest.

Write Now!

10 minutes

For closure, I want students to respond to a prompt that I have provided for Write Now!:

"Your class job this week is to provide assistance to students who have been absent. Please write a short, easy to follow explanation on how to find the square root of a number that is not a perfect square."

Students will write this short essay on the back of their Task Sheet. I remind students that I expect them to follow all conventions of writing (capitalization, punctuation, grammar) as I will be sharing their responses with our team's Language Arts teacher.