Scientific Notation Quiz Review BINGO

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SWBAT perform operations with numbers expressed in scientific notation.

Big Idea

To prepare for tomorrow's quick quiz, students review concepts by playing an extended game of BINGO.

Warm Up

7 minutes

For today's Warm Up assignment, I have picked two word problems that have a low Depth of Knowledge (DOK). Students who have a strong foundation in scientific notation will easily solve these two problems. The first problem requires students to write a given number in standard form. The second question requires students to subtract two numbers in scientific notation with like magnitude. My hope is to see all students successfully solving these problems. If there are students who are not able to answer these problems accurately, I will pull them in for an intervention session in the morning.

Once the timer sounds after five minutes, I randomly select students from class (using my cup of names) to share their answers. I then ask for confirmation from the class with a "thumbs up", "thumbs down", or "thumbs sideways" (meaning I'm not sure) signal. We then work to come to consensus on the correct answer.

Lets Play!

33 minutes

For today's Work Time, we are going to play a BINGO review game in preparation of our assessment the following day. I distribute blank_bingo cards to students so that can randomly number the boxes from 1 to 24. I model this on the Smart board so that students do not take up the whole box writing the numbers. I then explain the directions of the game.

I will randomly select a numbered stick from a cup of 24. Find that number question on your Sci Not Bingo Test Review Questions sheet. Solve the problem on the back of the question page, then transfer your answer to your BINGO sheet in the square that corresponds to the question. Once you have five in a row horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, you call "BINGO" and I will check your work. Once confirmed, that student wins a prize and we continue playing until the time expires.

Students turn in their BINGO cards and question page so that I can verify their work and check for misconceptions.

Ticket Out the Door

5 minutes

For closure, I distribute a 3 x 5 note card to students and display the Ticket Out the Door prompt for them to answer. As they leave class, they turn in the card to me. I quickly look these over and sort them so I know which students I should target for small group interventions the following morning.