Oni's Equation Adventure- Day 15

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SWBAT show the ability to analyze and solve linear equations and pairs of simultaneous linear equations.

Big Idea

As the unit comes to a close, students show their abilities to use and apply what they have learned on a nine-question assessment.

Warm Up

7 minutes

For today's Warm Up assignment, I have selected two systems problems that review key concepts. The first problems results in no solution. The second problem is a linear systems word problem. Students have become quite proficient at writing and solving equations to word problems, so I wanted to give them a final one for practice before today's quiz.

As the students work, I move about the classroom making sure students are attempting the problems. Sometimes just the mere mention of a quiz sends some kids into shut-down mode. I want to be the voice of reassurance and affirmation today for those students as they work.

Once the timer sounds, I select a random student (from my cup of name sticks) to provide the solution to the problem. I then ask the class for a visual confirmation in the form of a "thumbs up" if they agree and a "thumbs down" if they disagree. I want to trigger students' memory of the analysis we have done previously with regard to systems with no solutions so I ask, "What features of this system tell me that it will not no solution?" Once answered, I ask a follow-up question: "What features would tell us that they system has infinite solutions? Turn to your neighbor and tell them." My hope is this reminder will help students as they encounter each of these types of problems on today's quiz.

Next, I select a random student to read his equations that were written for the second Warm Up problem.  I then select another student to provide the solutions. I again ask for class confirmation before moving on to introduce today's learning objective.

Learning Objective

1 minutes

Today's Learning Objective reflects my expectations that students will show their abilities to analyze and solve linear equations and systems. I remind students that their performance on today's assessment will reflect what they know and are able to do on five standards.

Quick Review

7 minutes

In addition to the two question I provided on Warm Up today, I wanted to remind students of three other concepts we have covered during this unit through a Quick Review. I show and ask students to recognize the solution to a system of equations that have been graphed. I also ask them to solve a system by substitution and by elimination. This quick review will hopefully activate student's memory of these concepts and provide a bit of support for their math efficacy on today's assessment. 

Quiz Time!

30 minutes

Once we have completed the three review problems and I have answered any last minute clarification questions, I distribute today's quiz. This quiz is a common formative assessment (CFA 8.EE.7 & 8) designed by my grade level math team. Once all students have taken the assessment, we will gather to grade and analyze the data. We will then design interventions for students who did not show mastery of the content.