Oni's Equation Adventure- Day 14

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SWBAT solve real-world and mathematical problems with linear equations with one variable and two linear equations in two variables.

Big Idea

Students compete as a class against the teacher in an epic game of Battleship. They must solve linear equations and systems of equations as well as word problems that lead to systems of equations.

Warm Up

7 minutes

For today's Warm Up assignment, I have created two systems of equations word problems for students to solve. These are the problems that continue to challenge my students, especially my second-language learners. By exposing them to a variety of word problems, I am helping them to develop the ability to tackle these problems with confidence, even when the language challenges them.

Once the Warm Up time expires after 5 minutes, I select students at random from my cup of name sticks to share their answers. I work to get consensus from the class, which is much easier at this point in the unit as the students have many developed strategies to apply. Many have determined they can check answers by substituting the solution into the system.

Learning Objective

1 minutes

Today's Learning Objective is very broad as we will be playing a solving linear equations review game. I want to see that students can solve a variety of problem types before our school's common formative assessment is given.

Let's Play Battleship!

32 minutes

Using a template that I found on SMART Exchange, I have created a Battleship Review Game- Solving Linear Equations. Students play as a team against the teacher and win the game by sinking all three of the battleships before time expires. Student must correctly answer a variety of questions in order to guess locations of the battleships.

To ensure student engagement by all, I ask students to record their work in their journal for Work Time credit. During the game, I periodically check student work and prod as needed to provide an extra bit of incentive to practice the problems. I explain before the game starts that I expect all students to attempt all the problems as this is the final review for the end-of-unit assessment. 

Ticket Out the Door

5 minutes

As a final gauge of student ability to solve linear equations when posed as word problems, I provide a Ticket Out the Door for students to complete. This ticket sales-type word problem has proven easiest for my students to set up and solve and I selected it because I want my students to leave class on a confident note. Any student who is unable to solve the problem will be pulled into my intervention group during Advisory class so that I can provide additional one-on-one help.