Insect Research Part 2

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Students prepare a presentation about their insect in the form of a PicCollage.

Big Idea

Scientists do research in the field and in books to help them learn more about insects.


5 minutes

I ask kindergarten students to stay at their seats and explain that the 5th grade buddies are going to get an iPad out of the cart and come sit next to them.

I use iPads and PicCollage for this project but it could easily be adapted to another tool or even doing a poster using crayons and magazine pictures.  There are many different ways that you could incorporate a visual aid for a presentation on a research project.

After each buddy is paired back up with the iPads, I hand out the presentation rubric.

Using a rubric for a the PicCollage assures that the students have a clear understanding of what they need to include in order for them to receive full points.  The rubric I created also ensures that the students are using the full capabilities of the application.

I go over the rubric with the students and give time for any questions to be asked before allowing them to start.

Independent Work

30 minutes

Students begin work on their presentations.  I allow the students to move around the room and work anywhere they would like.

PicCollage is an app that is used widely in our building and our students have had a lot of practice using it.  I would recommend that if you choose to use this app for this lesson, that you take some time beforehand teaching the app itself.  While it is a very easy-to-use application, it does take time to teach the students all of the different things that can be done with it.

While students are working on their PicCollage, the other teacher and myself are available to help with technical problems and/or questions that arise about the project or rubric.

Project Presentations

60 minutes

As students are finishing up their projects, we begin to gather them back up to present them.  A PicCollage is only one page so the presentations on them should be fairly quick.  We project each collage onto the SmartBoard while the kindergarten student talks about the insect that they learned about.

It may be necessary to refer back to the four questions that they researched.  Depending on the student and their level of shyness, you may need to actually ask them each of the questions.  There are some students who will be able to do the presentation without any guidance.

During the presentations, I am using the rubric to score their projects.