Oni's Equation Adventure- Day 3

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SWBAT solve linear equations with rational number coefficients, including equations whose solutions require expanding expressions using the distributive property and collecting like terms.

Big Idea

Students learn how to solve linear equations that involve the distributive property and the combining of like terms.

Warm Up

7 minutes

For today's Warm Up assignment, students are applying what they have learned in previous lessons. They must create three different equations that when solved or simplified, result in one solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions. As students work, I watch for students who complete the assignment quickly and ask them to volunteer to explain how they decided which numbers to put in which blanks. I also watch for students who are not engaged and guide them to their work by focusing on one question at time.

Once the timer sounds, I call the volunteers, one at a time, to share their work and thinking. Once all students have shared, I ask for alternate solutions and we verify those as a class.

Learning Objective

1 minutes

Once we have tackled the Warm Up, I introduce the day's Learning Objective to the class. We review the essential academic vocabulary so that students gain understanding about our work for the day.

Check Your Skills

16 minutes

Because both combining like terms and applying distributive property are previously learned skills, I explain that I would like to see, through a Check Your Skills assessment, how much the students remember of those skills. I set the timer for 8 minutes and encourage the students to persevere to finish the problems in that time.

Once the timer sounds, we review the problems, with students prompting my work at the board. In this way, even those students who have not yet mastered these skills, will have five opportunities to see them at work and hopefully apply them to today's assignment. I do a quick "chest check" where students show me how many problems they completed correctly but showing that many fingers against their chest. I make mental note of any student who displayed 3 or fewer fingers so that I can pull them to work with me in a group during Work Time.

Work Time

14 minutes

For today's Work Time assignment, I have created a traditional worksheet (8.EE.7.b Solving Linear Equations Practice.pdf) with ten practice problems and one error analysis problem. While I rarely assign worksheets to my students, some skills need practice to build confidence, and distributive property and combining like terms are two such skills.

I reveal the instructions for Work Time and then set the timer for 14 minutes. During that time, students should solve the problems independently but then compare answers and come to consensus with their partners before the timer sounds. I also ask that they complete the error analysis problem at the bottom of the page.

Building Consensus

7 minutes

Once the timer sounds, I ask the class to come together in Building Consensus about the answers to the worksheet problems. I reveal each question and pull the names of students at random to assist in solving each equation. We come to consensus on as many problems as we can before class is over. In closing, I preview the next day's lesson with students so they will have a sense about where the unit is headed: simultaneous linear equations.