Quantum of Solids- Day 8

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SWBAT know the formulas for the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres to evaluate the solutions of mathematical problems.

Big Idea

Once student groups complete their "Solids Pet", they must trade their measurements and calculations with another group, who will verify their work for accuracy.

Warm Up

8 minutes

Today's Warm Up problem requires students to calculate the volume of a spherical-shaped scoop of ice cream to determine its volume and whether, if melted would completely fill a cone with the same radius, overflow the cone, or leave space in the cone. This problem is a great application of the volume formulas the students have been learning and using during the unit.

Once the timer sounds, I select student volunteers to give their answers. We then work to come to consensus based on the arguments students present. I encourage them to substantiate their arguments whenever possible with mathematics.

Learning Objective

1 minutes

Once the Work Time timer sounds, I move the students quickly to the day's Learning Objective so that students are aware of today's lesson focus. I then explain today's task.

Accuracy Check

25 minutes

As part of the Solids Pet Project from Day 5, students had to measure and then calculate the volume of their pet design. To help in the assessment of this task, I distribute copies of the volume calculations table to another group to verify using the Solids Pet Project Accuracy Check. In this way, students have the opportunity to evaluate the work of other students while gaining additional practice with the volume formulas. Once students have verified the measurements (or determined more accurate ones), students then calculate the volume and compare it with that of the creating group. Finally, students calculate the accuracy of the measurements so that I can present accuracy awards at the end of work time.

Accuracy Awards

11 minutes

Once students have completed their accuracy checks, I collect them to make awards, which I present to students once the Work Time timer sounds. I want to continually show that I value accurate work in class (as a part of MP 6) so I make paper awards that are attached to the finished pets. These are displayed throughout the quarter for students to enjoy.