Shapes On A Plane- Day 3

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SWBAT understand that two-dimensional figure is congruent to another if the second can be obtained from the first by a sequence of rotations, reflections, and translations.

Big Idea

Now that students are getting the hang of the key vocabulary for the unit, they must begin to make sense of the affects of a series of transformations on two-dimensional figures.

Warm Up

8 minutes

Building on the previous day's lesson, today's Warm Up assignment asks students to apply a series of transformations to a two-dimensional shape on the coordinate plane and then record the coordinates of the resulting shape. This will lead directly into today's topic which is to look at transformed shapes and determine the sequence of rotations, reflections, and translations.

Learning Objective

6 minutes

Once the class has come to consensus on the Warm Up assignment, I introduce today's learning objective and then guide them through a brief lesson overview. 

Work Time

10 minutes

For today's Work Time, I have created six examples of transformed shapes on a Transformations Sequencing Activity. Working in pairs, the students must look at each pair and decide which sequence of transformations has been applied to exhibit congruence. When the ten minute timer sounds, we begin consensus building as a class.

Consensus Building

12 minutes

To aid in consensus building, I have created a page for each of the six transformations on which students worked. I begin by randomly selecting a student from class to share his/her answer. I then check for agreement from the class. If disagreement occurs, I ask a student from the dissenting group to share his/her answer. Then, as a class we come to consensus, adding support comments to either side until the class is in agreement. 

Ticket Out the Door

9 minutes

After three days of this unit, I am interested in gathering some individual formative assessment information, so after consensus building, I distribute the Ticket Out the Door to students. Today's ticket asks students to create a viable argument and critique the reasoning of other (MP 3). Student responses to this assessment will help determine the subsequent days' lesson focus. If the majority of students can recognize the error on the ticket, I will feel comfortable moving on to the next lesson. If, however, the majority of students struggle to recognize the error, I will create an additional day of practice over recognizing sequences of transformations.