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SWBAT use vectors to solve problems and use multiple representations of complex numbers.

Big Idea

Through graphic organizers students will review ideas of vectors and complex numbers.

Student Independent Review

45 minutes

At this point of the year I am want students to be independent in studying for a test. Many of these students will be in college in a few months and learning how to study for a test is a skill most students need to practice.To help students learn this skill I treat the review more like a college study session.

I give students a Review for unit. Students are given 15 minutes to find problems and develop questions to ask the class about the topics on the study guide.  As students are reviewing they are welcome to come to the board and put up a question or a problem for the class to consider.  The students may also work together. 

After 15 minutes, I bring the class together. I answer any questions the students have about the the topics. If there are problems on the board I first ask other students to solve the problems then review the problems with the class. 

It is easy for this type of review to be abused. I make sure I am moving around the room and questioning students about problems. If a students is off task I redirect and will give students problems if they do not know where to find problems.