Unit 5 Quiz 2: Area & Volume

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SWBAT demonstrate that they have retained the information that they have been taught during this unit.

Big Idea

Quick Check! How much have you retained when it comes to area and volume?

Assessment Purpose

The purpose for today’s quiz is essentially to target which standards I need to review the most during tomorrows review lesson. I will use this quiz to help me understand what types of stations I need to set up to allow students to practice those standards where they need the most help.

Assessment Information & Administration

30 minutes

Because today the students will be taking a quiz, I will simply go over the testing/quizzing protocol. At this time, I will take the time to ensure that students know and successfully execute the norms for test/quiz taking.

  • All students must be quiet
  • All students must be honorable (no cheating)
  • Cheating policy – If you cheat you fail.
  • You may not leave your seat without permission
  • You must choose a quiet activity to engage in, should you finish early. These activities will be provided by me (read, challenge worksheet, or study vocabulary)
  • No sharpening pencils during a quiz or test


This assessment contains 10 multiple choice questions in total. For this reason, students will be given approximately 25 minutes to complete this quiz. 2 minutes per question and 5 minutes to account for those who have come unprepared and need a pencil or paper... etc.


Assessment Results

30 minutes

After my students complete their quiz in the 30 minutes provided, they will then exchange papers so that the quizzes can be graded and returned to the student right away. This allows for me and the students to have immediate feedback as to how they performed on their quiz. I will record their results on a matrix that has their names and the numbers of each question. I will walk around and ask each student which questions did you miss while recording the results and rechecking their quiz to make sure that it was graded properly.


***Note: It is easy to remember multiple choice question answers if you make the answers spell words like CAB, DAD, DAB, BAD or acronyms like CDC. This way when rechecking the papers it only takes a few seconds.


During the time that it takes me to recheck the papers, the students should be reworking any problem that they missed on a separate sheet of paper.