Unit 5 Assessment: Area & Volume

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Students will be able to demonstrate how much they have learned and retained during the lessons presented for unit 5.

Big Idea

Testing Testing 1-2-3: The unit 5 assessment

Lesson Overview

Today, my students will complete their final assessment for Unit 5. This assessment encompasses all of the standards presented in this unit. It measures my students' levels of content mastery.

The data will be used to determine areas in which some students may need reteaching. I will also use the data to plan for grouping students in upcoming units. In my school, after school tutorial sessions are used to reteach content to students. So, the students' performance on this test will be used to plan and schedule these interventions as well.

Assessment Administration

60 minutes

First, I will go over the Test Day Protocol prior to distributing the test. I want to make sure that students know the norms for class participation on a testing day.

Test Day Protocol

  • All students must be quiet
  • No sharpening pencils during a quiz or test
  • All students must be honorable during the assessment
  • Cheating policy – If you cheat you fail.
  • You may not leave your seat without permission
  • Should you finish your test paper early, you must choose a quiet activity to engage in. I will provide  some possible activities for you to choose from (e.g., read a book for pleasure, attempt a challenge worksheet, or study vocabulary)

This assessment contains 22 multiple choice questions and 3 constructed response items, for a total of 25 questions. For this reason, students will be given approximately 60 minutes to complete the test. In general, I give my students time based on the following criteria:

  • 2 minutes per multiple choice question 
  • 4 minutes per constructed response question 

I always allow an extra 4-5 minutes to account for students to get organized and settled.