Wrapping It Up

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Students will demonstrate their knowledge of erosion and its effects on human activity.

Big Idea

Students will be able to articulate both their scientific and social understanding of erosion.

RAP - Review and Preview

5 minutes

I call students to the gathering area. We review the presentation we practiced during our last science class. We talk about how concise information is what catches the attention of people and shows that we truly do understand what is important about an issue.

I tell students that today they will demonstrate to me that they truly understand the essence of what erosion is and how it affects our community and human activity. They will also show me how they can be a part of the remediation process.

I tell students that their final assessment is a public service poster about the issue. Students must produce a poster that is appealing, eye-catching, and informative to ensure that the public will want to be involved in this issue. 


45 minutes

I give each student a large sheet of paper, access to colored pencils, crayons, markers, and pencils. I give each student a check sheet that we used for preparing our presentation so everyone remembers the components that are required.

Students work independently to create a poster. This is used to assess student understanding of the concepts of erosion and the issues surrounding it.


Wrap Up

5 minutes

I call students back to the gathering area and we review each other's posters. I collect them and grade them according to the items on the checklist that students were given.