Public Service Presentation

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Students will present their learning about erosion and how to reverse its effects.

Big Idea

Students will articulate their understanding of erosion as a scientific and social issue in their community.

RAP - Review and Preview

10 minutes

I call students to the gathering area. We discuss that we have come a long way from learning about weathering and erosion, to designing and implementing a plan to remediate erosion, and now we are getting ready to present our learning and findings to the community council to see if we can involve more of the community in this issue.

I review the elements of a good class presentation. We have reviewed these elements before in a previous lesson. We talk about how we need to address the concepts of erosion, our issue, our solution, and our implementation in about 5-7 minutes. It's a tall order, but we can do it!

Independent Investigation

45 minutes

Students work together in teams to prepare a different section of the presentation.

1. What is erosion?

2. How does it affect our community?

3. Where does our community experience erosion?

4. What can we do about it?

5. What we did about it?

6. How you can help!

Once each section is completed, they are put together into a powerpoint presentation. A spokesperson from each group is chosen to present the group's slide.


Wrap Up

10 minutes

I call students to the gathering area. Each group has dropped their slide into our class folder so I can put it together. I project the final product and we work on the presentation as a class. Each section is narrated by a group member. I remind students that they should not read the slide, but talk about the information that is on it, in their own words.

This is a tough skill to learn so we do it as a group so we can provide each other with constructive criticism and encouragement. I call it, "Two Stars and a Question" Students must provide two pieces of positive encouragement before questioning something a student said or they way he/she presented the information. This helps students feel successful while honing the product we will present.