Planting Grass

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Students complete their community service project by planting grass to remediate an erosion problem.

Big Idea

Students learn that they can remediate erosion impacts in their own community.

RAP - Review and Preview

10 minutes

I call students to the gathering area. We have propagated our grass and it is ready to plant in our erosion zone. We have also constructed some pieces of retaining wall to hold our grass containers in against the hillside until the can take root. We are going out to plant today.

Field Trip

60 minutes

Students, parents, and I walk to our erosion site. We have to dig a little to stabilize our wall and find that this releases more dirt from the hillside, but we are able to minimize the damage. We spray water from a portable tank to wet down the soil to prevent it moving as much as possible. We place the grass into a layer of topsoil we added to give it stability and then ensured that the retainers would hold the load. Students take pictures of the process, and draw what they see, before and after.

Guided Investigation

20 minutes

We return to the classroom to debrief the experience. Students are able to describe the process of erosion and the process of remediating this type of erosion. We discuss how we could empower our community to continue this process as this site is not the only erosion problem in our community. Students make many connections to different places they know after we complete this project. Many of my students subsistence fish. They go to remote areas where erosion is also an issue. We often discuss how they can help mitigate these areas as citizens themselves.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

Students reflect on the events of the day in their interactive notebooks. They often ask “I Wonder” questions that we post on the board in the classroom. We use these questions, our discussion, and reflections to prepare our presentation to the community council in the next lesson.

Students create a scrapbook of the project.