Natural Resources and Human Needs Assessment

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Big Idea

Students will recall information to complete a formative based on what they have learned about natural resources and how they can be used to meet human needs.


1 minutes


40 minutes

Students will complete a formative based on the information that has been taught this unit. In this unit, students were able to identify different natural resources and categorize them based on their use. The students also learned how people throughout the world use natural resources to satisfy their wants and needs. We spent a great deal of time identifying the costs and benefits of using our natural resources to help us as a people. The test consists of questions that allow different response types such as written and multiple choice. I designed the test this way to give the students an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas in a variety of different ways. I also included the multiple choice questions to help the students with vocabulary used throughout the unit because some of the words were difficult for the students to spell, such as inexhaustible. The assessment is a little longer than the assessments that I typically give, however there was a lot of information given in this unit and I want to ensure that the students have a clear understanding of the information that was taught throughout the unit. I selected the main points from each lesson to include in the assessment to ensure that all the students have an understanding of the information that is being provided within the unit.