Best Tech Practices for Blended Science Classrooms

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Instructors will be able to create student-centered science classrooms based on best practices in blended or personalized learning by creating clear goals for digital citizenship.

Big Idea

Digital citizenship is critical to the success of any Blended Learning Science Classroom!


30 minutes

This lesson is for both science instructors and students to explore the characteristics of a successful blended learning science classroom. The purpose is to support all members of a blended classroom and to focus on what can and must be done to create a thriving tech-enabled classroom culture as well as provide a framework upon which the efficacy of blended instruction can be assessed throughout the school year. This approach highlights the shared responsibility that all members of a blended learning classroom must assume in order to see the achievement gains that are possible! 

I believe that the deeper understanding students have of the design, purpose and aim of tasks the better they are able to reach and exceed expectations. So we begin this unit by reading the DCPS Blended Learning Guidance which are the expectations the district has outlined for teachers and instructional coaches to use to evaluate their practice in a Blended Learning environment. We use the "Chunking" literacy strategy in which teams of 2-3 students are given a small selection of the text to read. Students are then directed to review the infographic and determine if they observe a portion of the infographic that adequately illustrates the portion of the text they were assigned. Students share their findings during a whole group discussion. 

Best Tech Practices Poster Project

60 minutes

Who better than the student members of my classroom laboratory community to develop the best practices that govern the learning in our Blended Classroom. Students are given an opportunity to:

1. Deconstruct "We Are Teachers Tech" best practices posters by identifying the theme using the drawings and diagrams illustrated in the posters. 

2. Reconstruct student-generated Blended Learning best practices posters using what they have discovered from their evaluation of the DCPS Blended Learning Guidance, Infographic and deconstruction of the best practices posters.  

The posters created by individual students or small student teams adorn our classroom walls as a reminder of what we have agreed is required from each student in order to positively contribute to our "BLEND"!!!