Inventing Ideas for Volcano Safety

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SWBAT collaborate and develop a list of possible futuristic ideas that could protect our town if a volcano was to become active around us.

Big Idea

After learning about volcanos, students can use their imagination to develop futuristic safety inventions that would protect a town from a volcanic explosion.

Group Review

10 minutes

With our previous lesson on volcanos, we discussed the impact a volcano would have on our city. We have one extinct and one dormant volcano on the outer edges of the city and we learned about them in a previous lesson. Students are reminded of this lesson and asked to think about it by using their white boards to jot down what they remember. As they do this, I place students into collaborative groups. 

Innovating Invention Brainstorm

15 minutes

When students get into their groups I ask them to start by sharing their lists. While they share, I walk around and gauge what they remember. Students have done a good job of remembering and I find that I only need to prompt the class to remember what dangers could come from a volcanic eruption. I let them discuss these within their groups. 

I call the groups back to listen to the directions. I explain to the class that they will be pretending to be scientists of the future. As the lead volcano experts, they will be in charge of designing a new invention to help protect cities from an eruption. Students can make up new systems or develop new technology. The one requirement is that their invention have to help protect the city from an specific hazard.

Each group will need to talk their idea out with others and include everyone in the discussion. One student in each group will need to record the invention onto a white board so that when the groups share no detail is left out. 

Invention Sharing

10 minutes

With each group completing an idea, they are ready to share their thoughts with the class. Each group will get to present their idea to the other "experts." As a class we will discuss each idea further and determine the usefulness of the invention on keeping the city safe. This way student are analyzing each other's ideas and critically thinking about the components their peers have presented.