Conservation of Matter Unit Assessment

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Big Idea

Students will recall information learned within the unit to complete a unit assessment.


1 minutes


40 minutes

The students will be taking a test on what we have learned during our Conservation of Matter Unit. Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about observable properties and how they can be changed. Students focused on the difference between changing the observable properties but not the basic characteristics of an object. Students also learned about mixtures and how heat can also effect the properties. As a result, I feel that the students should be more than prepared to take the assessment.  The assessment consists of written response questions. I chose this these type of questions because the students are able to recall information gained in the classroom and explain the outcome in their own words. There is also a fill in the blank question as well as a circle the correct choice questions as well. I did this to assist the students with their vocabulary within the unit. Given my students need, I determined that it would be more helpful if I presented the vocabulary to them in this manner. I have attached the assessment which can be found in the resources.