Flow of Matter and Energy: Recycling & Decomposition Assessment

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Students will be able to complete a formative based on information gathered throughout the unit.

Big Idea

Students will complete an assessment on the life cycle of a product, reducing, reusing, and recycling, and decomposition.


1 minutes


40 minutes

Students will be taking a formative assessment on what we have learned about the life cycles of products, decomposition and saving the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the different processes that can benefit the environment, as well as observing decomposition within our classroom. We have spent a lot of time learning about different processes in life sciences. As a result, I feel that the students should be more than prepared to take the assessment. The assessment consists of seven written response questions where the students can explain in detail more about the life cycle of a product, the "3Rs" and decomposition. The students will be expected to recall information from class experiments and discussions to answer the questions.  I have attached the assessment which can be found in the resources.