Plant Posters

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SWBAT use their experience in the garden and notes from their science notebooks to create an informational poster on how to plant crops in the garden.

Big Idea

To finish off their garden experience, the students will create a informational poster about planting a garden. The poster will combine the steps in the planting process while highlighting how plants meet their needs.


1 minutes

The goal of this lesson is to have the students create informational posters about planting crops in the garden while connecting the steps to helping plants/seeds obtain the things that they need to survive.

This task will meet both the ELA goal of students writing an informational piece and SP 4: Analyzing and Interpreting Data.  The students are using and sharing drawings, and/or writings of observations. 


The Task

30 minutes

Advanced Preparation:  You will need poster paper, colored pencils, pencils, and students science notebooks (so they can look at previous observations and notes).

I gather the students on the carpet and have them sit in a circle.  I go over the task and the materials that they can use for the assignment.  Then they find a spot in the room where they can work other with their science partner. This is the same partner that they have been working with during the unit itself.  

"We have reached the end of our plant unit and the last since class of the year.  You have one last assignment left to complete.  Your job will be to work with a partner and create a poster that will outline the steps that a person would need to do to plant a seed or starter plant in the school garden.  You can use your science notebook entries, from the past four lessons, to help you remember the steps."

The above takes care of the informative piece for the ELA standard.  The science standard is below.

"I want you to use your observations form previous entries to produce clear diagrams on your poster. I also want you to include how the steps help the seed or plant get the things they need to grow, survive, and reproduce."

"Once your poster are complete, you can use colored pencils to enhance your posters. Remember to label your diagrams and make sure that they are clear and easy to understand."

As students are working, I circulate to make sure they are having success with the task.  As with any writing assignment, I may need to scaffold the assignment for success for all.  An example might be to give the number of steps to a group and have them use the fixed set to come up with the steps.

I did capture this Check In with a group.  Unfortunately it was a little muffled but you can get the general idea of the check-in itself.

Evaluating Work

5 minutes

When students are done, I will evaluate them on the following criteria.  Did they have all of the steps that would allow someone to successfully plant a seed or start.  These won't all look alike but I am looking for the idea that the plant/seed is in soil, weeds removes, watered and maintained. As for the science, I am looking that they explain why it needs soil, water, light, and nutrients.