Round Robin Review ( Unit 3 )

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SWBAT answer and discuss challenging "Standardized Test" type questions related to concepts covered in class..

Big Idea

Tackling questions in Round Robin fashion is a great way to review and practice for standardized exams.

Before the Lesson

This lesson should be given during or after Unit 3

Before the lesson, I take a sheet of paper, divide it into 4 sections and I write a math question or problem (short answer or multiple choice) in each quadrant. (See my samples below)  The questions, clearly numbered 1 to 4, should target any of the topics covered in the unit.  I like that a some questions be a bit more challenging than most of those seen in the unit. 

Since we are going to do the Round Robin task more than once, I create 2 or more sheets just like the first one, with other questions. 

I will be working with 5 groups (4 students per group), So I make sure I make 5 copies of each Question Sheet. I also gather sticky notes, enough for my 5 groups (5 sticky notes per group) and divide the whiteboard into 4 sections numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Question Sheet 1 U 3.docx

 Question Sheet 2 U3.docx

The Activity

50 minutes

I start the activity by dividing the class into groups of four (see reflection on grouping below) and name groups A, B, C, etc.  I provide each group with a Question Sheet (Question Sheet 1 U 3.docx). The sheet should be cut by one of the members into its 4 quadrants (each with one question) and the 4 slips distributed to each student in the group. I give students a set length of time, in my case 3 minutes, to answer each question. At first, students should answer questions independently, with no help from other group members. 

When the 3 minutes are up, I ask group members to pass their slips clockwise to the next student. I give another 3 minutes for the next question....this continues until each student in the group has answered all 4 questions. Now I ask students to discuss answers in their groups (MP3), one question at a time. When the group has agreed on the answers to all 4 questions, they make their answers official by writing each answer on a separate sticky note and pasting it on the corresponding section (1,2,3, or 4) of the whiteboard. Example of what a sticky note should have written on it:

  • Question 1
  • Group A
  • Answer is (b) (or answer is xxxx)

See:Sticky note.jpg

When all groups have posted sticky-note answers to all four questions,(see Post its on board.jpg) I check the answers in each section of the board and I assign each group grade (1 - 4).

Once I do that, I go over wrong answers with the whole class and ask the group if they understand the mistake they made. I also discuss any other question a student may have, even if their group answered correctly. Here are two more Question sheets to be used for a 2nd and 3rd round robins. (Question Sheet 2 U3.docx) and (Question Sheet 3 Unit 3.doc)

 Here are the answers to both Question Sheets:

Answers to Question Sheets 1,2,3.docx