Plant Part: The Flower & Seeds

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SWBAT explain how a plant produces a new seed in order to reproduce.

Big Idea

Students will take part in a discussion about how new seeds are produced from a plant.

Setting the Stage

1 minutes

Today's lesson will focus on flowers and seeds.  I want the students to gain an understanding of the importance of the flower and the production of seeds.  In order to do this I have asked a colleague, who also runs a greenhouse, She will bring in a variety of flowers for the students to use and explore during the presentation.  

I will film the entire presentation in case you need/want to use it when you teach this lesson.

Our district expects students to understand that a plant is a system that goes through a natural cycle and the parts help the plant survive and reproduce. By focusing on the parts and needs of a plant, I can teach them how the parts have a role that helps a plant get the things it needs to survive.  The unit will end with the class spending 4 days int eh school garden and applying their learned knowledge to the work being done in the garden.  


Students demonstrate their understanding of Reproduction by…

  • Drawing and labeling the stages of development in the life of a familiar plant.




10 minutes

I gather the students on the carpet and read the book The Carrot Seed.  After reading the book, I focus on the idea that a seed was needed to create a new plant.

"Today we are gong to focus on our last part of the plant.  This is the flower and the seed.  I want to start by reading a book to you called The Carrot Seed."

I read the book as a read a loud.

"I want you to think back to the beginning of the story.  What did the boy start with?  What did he use to try and grow a carrot?  Where did the seed come from?"

"Today you will learn how seeds are produced and what role the flower plays in the production of seeds."


Guest Speaker

25 minutes

I wanted to bring in a local greenhouse owner to talk to the students about flowers and seeds. Our town is lucky to have the Von Trapp (of the Sound of Music Fame) greenhouse and their daughter teaches at our school.  I have asked her to come in and present about the role flowers play in the production of seeds.  

The students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of flowers and the seeds that they produce.  Ms. Von Trapp will also talk to them about how seeds are produced.

"Today we are luck to have Ms. Von Trapp visit our classroom.  She is going to talk to you about flowers and the seeds they produce."

 I have included exerts from the presentation.  You should watch them in number order.  

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

Presentation 4

Presentation 5

Presentation 6

Presentation 7

Wrap Up

5 minutes

I have the students gather on the carpet and bring their science notebooks.  I want to wrap up the lesson with a question for the students to respond to.

"I would like you to open up your science notebooks and set it up for today's entry.  I would like you to respond to the following question.  Why is it important for the flower to produce seeds?  I would like you to think of today's presentation as you respond."

I am looking for students to refer to the idea that seeds need to be produced in order to grow a new plant.