Where Do We Go From Here?

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Students will be able to create a PSA in an effort to teach others about the plight of the Little Brown Bat.

Big Idea

Learning about a scientific concept is one thing. Convincing others to care is another aspect of the science and what students will focus on in these few lessons.


5 minutes

The students will continue their work in communicating information about the Little Brown Bat and urging action today.  In yesterday's lesson, Let Them Know, students viewed PSA's and began creating their own, using information they obtained during research in our ELA block.

Today, I will ask the students to consider this question, "How do we know the PURPOSE of a PSA?"  I ask this question because in our previous work, I realized students were creating more of a visual report on the Little Brown Bat, rather than focusing on a targeted purpose, or message. 


Mini Lesson

10 minutes

To begin my lesson, we will watch the Woodsy Owl PSA again. This time, however, I prompt the students to watch for clues of the message, or purpose of the PSA.  They are also challenged to figure out who the intended audience may be for this PSA.

Following the viewing, I have the students turn and talk with their shoulder partners about what they think the message is and what audience the PSA was written to persuade. We decide as a class that the message is to not pollute and the audience is children around the world (there is a large singing and dancing owl!). 

Next, I pass out an organizer and explain to the students that authors of PSA's are tying to persuade people to take action and give evidence through a precise message. I explain that in their work yesterday, I noticed they were not pinpointing a message, so today we would work on identifying an audience and message. Student teams will record their thinking on the organizer. 

Active Engagement

20 minutes

As students work to organize their ideas and match evidence to statements, I will circulate and prompt students to think about video revisions, think more deeply about their message, and ask questions regarding how they will ask for action. 

In this video clip, you will hear one of the student groups discussing how they broke down their thinking onthe organizer to help them identify their purpose of the PSA. Notice that by having their work organized, they are more able to discuss how their PSA will be meaningful. 

Closing and Sharing

5 minutes

As a close, I will once again ask student groups to share what they accomplished today and what they need to do during our next session.