Lesson 3: Ants Work Together to Survive. A Claim Writing Activity.

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Write a claim supporting an argument by citing at least three facts as evidence and a conclusion that relates back to the claim.

Big Idea

Animals form groups in order to help them survive.


1 minutes

Warm up

5 minutes

In the previous lesson, we gathered evidence and discussed how ants working together helps the species survive. To touch upon this fact, we watched a video that is another example of  how amazing ants can be.

Guided practice

20 minutes

I created a PowerPoint, Write a claim based on evidence, to help guide my students through this lesson. I wanted to emphasize that there are steps to be followed and evidence must be given.


30 minutes

Writing a claim in Science has to be supported by evidence. In order to help my students tackle this task, I created a Science Claim Writing Checklist. I found that by having them write the essentials needed for an essay and argument they were better prepared to write their essay. This bit of scaffolding was enough to help even my struggling writers. We also went over the Claim & Argument Essay Rubric, to ensure that they were on track while writing their first draft.

Class Discussion/Wrap Up

5 minutes

Writing informative text for a third grader is never easy, however, by giving scaffolded support and having the students check the Claim & Argument Essay Rubric, I found that they are becoming better writers in all areas. ( will add students samples here)