What Can We Do to Save Our Environment?

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Students will be able to explain how the use of a product or practice impacts the environment.

Big Idea

Students will create presentations that shares ways to dispose of organic and inorganic materials to save the environment.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin the lesson by providing students a final time to observe the organic and inorganic items that were put in jars and placed indoors and outdoors. Students will have the opportunity to record additional observations on their data recording sheet.

Once complete, students will be given the opportunity to share their results with the class. I will encourage them to share their illustrations as well as compare the organic and inorganic observations.

As students share, I will lead the students to understand that organic materials decompose at a much faster pace than inorganic materials. I will share with the students that some inorganic materials like Styrofoam may never decompose.


25 minutes

I will ask students what  happens to items once we throw them into the trash can. I will select students to share their ideas and explain to students that items end up in a landfill. I will ask students to share what happens to organic materials when they arrive in the landfills. What happens to inorganic materials when they arrive in landfills? I will allow time for students to brainstorm other ways whether products or practices to dispose of both inorganic and organic materials. 

I will inform students that they will be creating digital presentations using their Chromebooks to explain a product or practice to dispose of organic and inorganic items for the sake of our environment. I will remind students to keep in mind how their product or practice will impact the environment and how their ideas might be beneficial to the environment. 

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Students will be given the opportunity to share their presentations. As students present, they will inform the class how their practice or product impact the environment and how it benefits the environment.