Studying Our Earth Day 2

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SWBAT create a presentation based on the information they have gathered and to share that presentation with the class.

Big Idea

Being able to communicate what they have learned is an important aspect of science that young students are introduced to in this lesson

Finishing Our Research

30 minutes

On the second day, I ask students to continue their research with additional books, IPADS and printed articles. I meet with each student to go over the information they have gathered. I suggest, and help them find information if a section is incomplete. I also help them to highlight the facts that they will put into their presentation. 

After this session, I review and edit their research papers so they are ready to work on the computers the next day. I am looking for facts about what the event is, how it happens or what causes the event, and also how the event changes the face of the earth. I highlight any facts that they may not have already highlighted that I think they need to include.

I want the students to be ready to go to the computer lab with their papers marked. I know that typing is still an issue for my students so I try to limit how many facts they will  need to type. When we go to the lab I tell them to start with the highlighted facts, and then if they have time they can add some of the other interesting facts if they want to. This allows students to create a finished presentation without being bogged down by the typing, and it also lets them know that all of their information is important, but that they want to start with a few facts and then they can always go back and add more.

I say, "when you go to the lab I want you to start with all of your highlighted facts. Do these first and then when you have finished all of those, and added pictures, you can go back and add other interesting facts that you found."

Creating A Presentation

60 minutes

I have students present their findings using PREZI. This is a web based presentation tool that is easy for students to access. Teachers can sign up for an educational account for free at Students then create their Prezis within the teacher account. 

I bring students to the computer lab, but this could also be done with IPADS in the classroom, or whatever technology tool you have that is internet accessible. If you do not have the technology, the presentations could be done using a poster format.

I explain to students how to access Prezi, (which they all use my account and login). I show them how to choose a background format and how to bring in pictures. (For safety purposes I search the web for appropriate pictures that they may choose from. I can set this up in advance to save wait time in the lab.)Working on the Presentation

I show students how to type their information and move about their presentations. I let students get started and I circulate around the room helping students who may be having trouble, correcting spelling errors, and praising the effort of students. 

Sharing Our Prezis

20 minutes

To close this lesson, I invite parents to attend the Prezi "opening".

I say to students, "On Friday we will be presenting our Prezis about our earth. I would like you to invite your parents to this exciting event. I am giving you a piece of paper and I would like you to copy what is on the board onto the paper. You can decorate the invitation with pictures of the event that you wrote about in your prezi." I write, "You are invited to the Opening of Our All About Earth Presentations Friday June 12, 2015 at 2:15pm"  Students take the invitations home to their parents. We also make an invitation for individuals from the building such as the principal, special education teacher, Title 1 teacher and librarian.

On Friday I present each of the shows on the Smart Board for students and parents to enjoy. I let the presenter take 2 questions or comments from the audience before moving on to the next presentation.

Below is a link to one of the student prezis.