Natural Resources...We All Use Them

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Students will be able to identify and explain how people in various parts of the world use natural resources to meet their needs and wants.

Big Idea

Students will learn bout natural dyes that are used to create paints.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin this lesson by having all the students transition to the carpet for a whole group discussion. I will show the students two different colored Unifix cubes. I will ask the students to share the difference between the two objects. I will ask students to share their ideas on why they are different colors and where the colors came from. Having students make these predictions will lead us into the objective of the lesson. I will explain to students that today we will learn about how colors and pigments are produced using natural resources.


25 minutes

To begin the explore section, I will engage students in viewing informational resources Pigments (PowerPoint) and Where Paints Come From. These resources will describe how dyes and pigments are used to create dyes and pigments.

After reviewing the resources, I will provide each student with a piece of white cloth. I will inform them that their goal for the day is to dye the cloth a different color using only natural resources around our school. I will lead the students into the courtyard. Students will be given the opportunity to observe the different natural resources in the courtyard, and collect whatever resources that they feel will be beneficial to them. We will return to the classroom and I will distribute a planning sheet to the students so they can organize their thoughts and ideas. I will distribute bowls and mallets to students as extra materials that they may use if they choose to. Students will record the steps they will take to achieve their goal and begin dying their cloths.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To conclude the lesson, the students will be given the opportunity to share their dyed cloths. They will be encouraged to explain the steps that they took to add color to their cloths. Students will share the natural resources that were used and exactly how they were able to get the pigments onto their cloths.