Science Journal Review

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SWBAT prepare and use their science journal to prepare for the state assessment in science.

Big Idea

We have covered so many topics and we are a day away from the state assessment in science. To review, students will do a science journal walkthrough to find areas where we need to review.

Walkthrough with Stickies

10 minutes

With so many topics being covered over the course of the year a review is needed before taking the year end science assessment. To prepare students I want to show them that they already know so much and that they just need to recall and use what they have learned. To do this they need their science journals. 

Students will take out there science journal as I pass out one to two stickies to each student. They are now ready for the walkthrough portion. For this, students will flip through their journal and write down anything that seem to have forgotten or would like to review. This often becomes material that was from the beginning of the year. Students do not remember some of the information and this review is exactly for that. 


Review and Discussion

20 minutes

Students can choose any topic from their journals to review. Once they have completed the walkthrough, we are ready to review. I begin by asking a student to go first. Once they have told the class their review item, I ask if anyone else had that written. Most often the same topics are of concern by others and I feel this is important to point out. Students then can understand that all of us need review and that by sharing, they can help others learn too. 

For each topic, I review with the help of the class. I will begin by recalling the experiment or lesson where we learned the information. Once I have done this, I ask the class to help me fill in the details and the objectives that were most important. I emphasize what components might be most relevant and explain the why behind knowing it. This should also be review. I then call on another student and we review the information the same way until we have covered all the areas of concern. I finish by collecting the sticky notes and review the information that was on them.